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In this website, you will find bird watching and natural history holidays that cater to a wide range of likes.

My 14-day Absolute Birding is good for keen bird watchers, as it mainly focuses on birds. I use a wide range of accommodations on this tour, all of which are located closer to the birding sites. This tour is also ideal for birders with broader natural history interests, as we visit some of the prime wilderness areas of Sri Lanka. So, if you want to bag 220-250 species of birds including all 33 endemics, 10 or so of the 15 resident night birds, a mouth watering array of Indian sub continental specials such as Kashmir Flycatcher, and amazing wildlife such as the “Sri Lanka Leopard,” this is the tour for you.

The same tour can be modified to see Blue Whales off Mirissa (best time for seeing them is from December to April). In April, 2011, I guided such an Absolute Birding tour with 4 British birders wielding serious cameras and monster lenses. In that, we scored 223 species of birds including all 33 endemics, 10 night bird species, hard-to-see migrants such as Slaty-legged Crake, and 4 Leopards and 4 Blue Whales! My blog entry of this tour containing photographs of this tour can be viewed here.

NEW: A detailed trip report of 7-day Absolute Birding tour in Jan., 2012 with two British clients, which registered over 200 species of birds, could be viewed here .

In November, 2010, a 14-day Absolute Birding tour with a British Ornithologist (a supervisor for over 50 Ornithology PhD students!) and his ecologist wife registered a whopping 252 species of birds including all 33 endemic birds; 10 night birds; and over 40 species of butterflies including the scarce resident Centaur Oakblue. A detailed report written by my client can be viewed here. You can see my blog post of this very successful birding tour here.

Before that, an Absolute Birding tour (14–27 March, 2010) with 2 British birders wielding cameras, saw us bagging 230 species of birds including all 33 endemics. A special highlight was seeing 12 out of the 15 resident night birds of Sri Lanka. (I equalled this feat in April, 2010, showing the identical number and mix of night birds for a lone U.S. birder from Calif.) Mammalian specials included 2 separate sightings of Leopard at Yala and a chance sighting of an endemic Red Slender Loris at Kithulgala. We scored 19 endemics in 2 days at Kithulgala on this trip. A detailed report with images done by my clients, who went home with 13,000 images between them, can be viewed here. My blog post of this tour can be seen here.

An unusual 8-day birding tour in early February, 2011 with the no.1 Holarctic lister of the world (a Dutch birder) saw us making a clean sweep of all his Holarctic wants, which included the Slaty-legged Crake. On this tour, I also showed 33 “non-migrating rubbish”--all endemics! These included the endangered Serendib Scops Owl, which was seen in two locations including at a daytime roost. Total tour tally was an whopping 230!

Following this, in late February, 2011, I ran an abridged 7-night Absolute Birding tour with four hardcore Dutch birders, which saw was us raking in 220 species of birds including all 33 endemics; plus, goodies such as Sykes' Warbler, Black-backed Dwarf Kingfisher and Marshall’s Iora.

Moving on to other tours, my 17-day Birding in style is ideal if you need to enjoy great birding without compromising on the quality of accommodation. In this we use only 6 hotels to cover 17 days giving you ample time to enjoy slow-paced birding & excellent comforts of the hotels used such as spas/infinity pools to name a few, It also incorporates a tinge of culture with visits to a couple of cultural World Heritage sites.

My most recent Birding in style tour, done in Dec., 2009, with a family of 4 comprising of a serious British birder yielded 224 species of birds including all 33 endemics. Mammalian highlights included a Leopard in a tree in a rainy morning at Yala. You can see a 37 paged detailed report written by my client here. My blog post of this tour is here.

Moving on to the last set of tours available in this site, my Natural History Holidays include an 8 day Leopards & wildlife safari centred around the Leopard and wildlife hotspot, Yala National Park. My first of this tour in October, 2011, with a single Aussie client was a blast, with 20 sightings of Leopard involving 7 individuals!. A colourful blog post is here.

Finally, my 2 Day Sinharaja Rainforest tour and Birding Day Breaks are ideal if you are on a shorter visit. My most recent 2-day trip to Sinharaja was a roaring success as we bagged 25 out of the 33 endemics! A detailed report written by my client can be viewed here.

You are also invited to view this bird tour report of a British birder, which contain sightings of two short excursions done with me: a day visit to Sigiriya and a 2-day tour Sinharaja, both of which yielded a whopping 27 of the 33 endemics.

All these holidays can be tailor-made to fit your specific holiday requirements and stand as indicative itineraries. In addition to these tours, I have the expertise of guiding specialist tours focussing on wild-cats, macro photography, butterflies, dragonflies and culture. (I have a licence that allows me to guide in all cultural sites open for tourists.)

Please inquire for them, as I have not advertised them all in this website. When you do, please giving me background information about you and your interests, so that I can get back to you with a measured response.

For my other wildlife tour reports from the past, please visit my blog: gallicissa.blogspot.com.

I look forward to opening the door to this magical island of serendipity!

Amila Salgado
BIRDWING Nature Holidays.

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